Creating optimal health for babies in and out of the womb.


MY PREgnancy

When I was pregnant I felt lost, even with my background as a pediatrician. I had so many questions — How can I optimize my baby’s health and development before birth? What are the best foods and the most important supplements? How can I reduce the risk of miscarriage and pre-term labor? When my baby is born, is the best sleep method for her? I also wondered why no one was there to guide me through these vital questions about optimizing my baby’s health, brain, and body before birth.

AN integrative medicine perspective

In integrative pediatrics, we are learning how to optimize a baby’s lifelong future health, prenatally. For instance, we know how to decrease the risk of a baby developing allergies, autism, and ADHD. We know how to avoid environmental toxins that are neurotoxic or carcinogenic. We know how to cultivate the baby’s gut microbiome flora. However, during my pregnancy, I was acutely aware that this information was not readily accessible to future parents, in the early stages of pregnancy when it’s most efficacious.

The Problem

Parents are not getting this information, because our healthcare system is directed by insurance companies, and what their policies cover.

  • OB's are incredible, but pregnant women don’t get a visit with an OB until they’re 8-10 weeks pregnant. By then, many pregnant women have missed opportunities to implement preventative, health optimizing, tactics for their babies. OB care is largely focused on the health of the pregnancy, and harm reduction. They do not typically provide pediatric integrative health information. This information helps parents nurture the development of their child and prepares them for life with a baby. 
  • While families are trying to conceive, they don’t have a pediatrician to consult on how to prepare the body for a healthy baby and pregnancy. There are plenty of things one can do during pre-conception to condition the body optimally for pregnancy. Even if they already have a pediatrician, the field at large is not focused on preconception or prenatal baby care.
  • There is a plethora of new research behind what future parents can do during the preconception, prenatal, and early infant phases to enhance health and decrease the risk of future conditions, but this science is not well applied to patient care. Our healthcare system does not cover prenatal pediatrician care, so integrative prenatal care provided by pediatricians does not reach most patients. A larger problem is that prenatal and preconception pediatrics is not an established medical field at this point, and most pediatricians are not trained in its practice.


I provide families have the important information they need through the Motherwit integrative prenatal pediatrics program, which includes preconception and postnatal care.  This healthcare product operates outside the rigid confines of the insurance system blocking access to the care future parents need for their prenatal babies. During my pregnancy, I made it my mission to harness my integrative pediatrics expertise not only for myself, but also for other expectant families in the future. I used my integrative pediatrics training, research background, and firsthand experience as a pregnant mother to develop a new, optimizing, enhancing, and preventive approach to pediatrics, that starts before conception.
Motherwit Integrative Medicine guides future parents through the healthcare gap spanning preconception, prenatal, and infant care, from inside to outside the womb.  This is a vital time for a baby to build important brain and immune cells, and for parents to gain knowledge and skills in raising a healthy child. I want everyone to know these simple, life-changing, integrative pediatric tips.